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One Day

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“One day this all will change…”
3000 people
Three languages
and one Haifa
all singing Koolulam
and hoping that the ‘One Day’ is near…

Director & Co-Founder: Or Taicher
Conductor & Co-Founder: Ben Yaffet
Manager & Co-Founder: Michal Shahaf Shneiderman

Original song by: Matisyahu
Musical production and arrangement, vocal arrangement: Yaron Eigenstein
Lead conductor, vocal arrangement: Ben Yaffet
Second conductor, vocal arrangement: Lilach Krakauer
Guitar: Maor shvartzberg
Bass: Uri Pindek
Drums: Oded Levi
Qanoun: Yael Lavie
Second Pianist: Maayan Bar Sever
On-location recording engineer, mastering: Barak Yechezkeli
Mixing engineer: Yonatan Danino
PA engineer: Sela Waisblum
Hebrew translation: Koolulam crew
Arabic translation: Matan Serry

Producer: Yael Bechor Padan
Video Production: Shira Barashi
First Cinematographer: Shahar Reznik
Cinematographers: Ophir Peretz, Yinon Slutski, Ben Aviv
Assistant Cinematographer: Matan Ben Barak, Noam Berkovits
Lights: Danny Rogovin
Light Assitants: Shlomo Keaper, Afek Eyal
Camera and gear from: Broadcast
Editor: Jenny Danilenko
Online: Peleg Levi
Production Assistants: Liat Heletz, Eran Rachmani, Lee Goldberg
Art Director: Olga Egozi
Hosts: Nadav Embon & Lucy Ayub
Sign Language: Chen Hayat
Photographer: Tali Raz
Hover Camera: Erez Simon
Make up: Avital Kagan”One day this all will c