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Polly Higgins returns to the United Nations to speak on Ecocide and Mission Life Force

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Thanks to the support of hundreds of trustees since the launch of Mission LifeForce just a few weeks ago, Polly Higgins and a top legal team will be speaking on ecocide at the International Criminal Court’s Assembly of State Parties (ASP) starting next week at the United Nations in New York. Also speaking with Polly will be human rights judge Baltasar Garzón (responsible for the arrest and prosecution of General Pinochet). 

There shall be 2 key events on ecocide: Wednesday 6th December: Climate Ecocide 6 – 7pm and Tuesday 12th December 6 – 8pm on Corporate and State Ecocide.  If you are in New York and would like to attend either, please email isla@ecologicaldefenceintegrity.com for further details.

This is a first milestone – an opportunity for a serious platform within the United Nations. This year the focus for Polly and her team is on building momentum from last year’s attendance, and forging alliances with aligned international and regional organisations as well as representatives of climate-impacted States.

It is remarkable that funds have already been raised enabling attendance at the Assembly – if this is a flavour of what we can achieve together in just over 3 weeks, just imagine what we can achieve in a year… keep on sharing!

May the LifeForce be with us.