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“I believe with all my heart that we can create cities and towns that are functioning like a forest. How to really thrive on this planet is all around us.” – Sue Swain Follow more of Sue’s work in the field of biomimicry, at www.biowise.org.za

Green Renaissance, make these short films as passion projects, to share inspiration. You can help them make more films like this by making a tiny donation, so we can continue this journey with you – www.patreon.com/greenrenaissance

Who is Green Renaissance?

They are a tiny collective of 4 passionate filmmakers (Warren, Jacky, Michael and Justine). They live off-grid and dedicate their time to making films that they hope will inspire and share ideas.

Equipment used – Sony FS7 with still lenses

Music sourced from ArtList – http://www.bit.ly/2iE3h8x

Young Summer – by Josh Leake Calgary – by Fjodor Natures Journey – by Jimmy Svensson Arapaho – by Garrett Bevins Sound effects sourced from Freesound.org\:/