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Airport Security Finds $9500 At Airport And Returns It!

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Airport security officers often get a lot of flak from travelers in a hurry to get on their flights.

But for one passenger last week at Dallas/Fort Worth International airport, the honesty of a security officer served as a reminder of the TSA’s good work, WFAA reports.

According to Fox News, Carlos Palma dropped an envelope full of money at the airport’s security checkpoint. Unaware of his loss, Palma rushed on to catch his flight home to Iowa.

Thankfully for him, TSA officer Don Williams was nearby and spotted the envelope.

“I picked it up off the floor and palmed it in my hand so that no one could see it,” Williams said, who added that he could immediately tell that it was a wad of cash.

Williams then made an announcement, asking passengers if anyone had lost anything. When no one responded, Williams and a supervisor took the stuffed envelope to a private screening, NBC News reports.

Opening it, the two found a cool $9500 — all in $100 bills.

Somewhere far away in the sky, Palma finally realized that he had lost his envelope of money.

Officer Williams said that he lives by a simple childhood lesson. “Always do the right thing and that way you can live with yourself,” he told NBC News.

Landing in Iowa, Palma’s son called the TSA to locate the money — and of course, he soon found it.

“I trusted the TSA personnel,” Palma said. “And I’m very proud of having that type of security.”

Talking to Williams over the phone, Palma was effusive with gratitude.

But Williams said that he’s just glad that Palma has been reunited with his money — adding that this is all just part of an honest day’s work.

“We found $400 a few minutes ago,” Williams told WFAA. “It’s not that unusual here.”

Thanks to The Huffington Post for this story