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Aussie investor mulls garbage-to-power plant project

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Australia-based Trisun International Development on Wednesday organized a seminar in HCMC to tout a US$400 million project to turn garbage to power.

Gavin Holland, technology director of the firm, said at the event that the facility, if approved and developed, would use the plasma technology to generate electricity. The plant in the first phase could treat 2,000 tons of garbage a day and generate 1.6 million kWh, with 45 per cent used to operate the plant and 55 per cent supplied to the national power grid, he added.

The total investment of US$400 million would come from the firm and be mobilized from foreign partners, he said.

Tu Ngoc An, board chairman of Kien Giang Composite as a representative of Trisun in Vietnam, said that his firm would ask the city’s government for approval and put the plant into operation after three years of construction if approved, creating jobs for around 200 workers.

It would take the project eight to ten years to recover capital. In addition to generating power, the plant also produces other products such as bricks, building stones and metals.
The power generated by this plant is predicted to be sold at 12 US cents per kWh, much higher than 7.8 cents for each kWh of wind power.

Trisun has plans to set up Trisun Energy Vietnam Company to manage and operate the plant in HCMC and build a similar plant in Hanoi as well as in other provinces nationwide.

Plasma is a technology that can transform garbage under temperatures of 7,000-9,000 degree Celsius into synthetic gas to produce power.

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