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Beer News – Make Earth Great Again.

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Make Earth Great Again: BrewDog’s new beer is a protest against Trump’s climate stance

Independent craft brewer BrewDog has today (1 November) launched a new protest beer against President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement, with all sale proceeds of the product donated to the climate-awareness charity 10:10.

BrewDog’s Make Earth Great Again beer was produced in response to the US’ withdrawal decision from the Paris Agreement on climate change, with each aspect of the product serving as an acknowledgement to the impacts on climate change.

The new beer will be served directly from a beer tap built into the shape of a life-sized polar bear, and contains ingredients sourced from areas most impacted by global warming – this includes water from the Arctic ice caps and endangered Arctic cloudberries.

BrewDog’s co-founder James Watt said: “Make Earth Great Again is a reaction to declining interest from notable world leaders to the biggest issues facing our planet and civilisation. Beer is a universal language, with the capacity to make an impact the world over, so we decided to make a statement and brew a beer that could have a direct, positive impact on climate change both through supporting an organisation making a difference, and providing a vehicle for craft beer fans to make their voices heard by the establishment.”

“This beer is our statement of intent to hold a mirror up to all of the establishment figures that could and should do more on an issue that affects everyone on the planet. We hope everyone who can make a positive impact on climate change at a legislative level takes note of what the beer represents.”

Accompanied by a social media campaign consisting of infographics and videos, the beer hopes to raise awareness on how individuals can act on climate change. All proceeds from Make Earth Great Again will be donated to 10:10, the charity that is lobbying for new legislation regarding climate change.

The beers will be available from craft beers shops across the globe, and a case was also sent by BrewDog to the White House, in an attempt to raise awareness to President Trump.

This is our action on Climate Change. Make Earth Great Again.