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Beggar earns more money by making himself invisible

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You have to admire his ingenuity… A beggar from Serbia has come up with a novel way of being acknowleged by dismissive passers-by – he discovered he could make much more money by pretending to be invisible.

Nemanja Petrovic, from Subotica, was on the point of giving up, frustrated at being ignored by people who walked past him without giving him any cash.

The 42-year-old threw his cap and shoes down on the street with a hand-written sign reading ‘Invisible Beggar’ and moved elsewhere.

“When I returned I was astonished to find a crowd and my cap was full of money,” Nemanja explained. “Now I just put down the sign, a pair of shoes as a prop and wait for the donations to roll in while I have a coffee over the road.”