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Blob fish wins ugly fish competition and raises funds for Greenpeace with e-card

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It’s not the prettiest creature on the planet, but it’s certainly popular… Nearly 4,000 people voted in a Greenpeace poll to find the most ugly fish – and its image will now be used as a e-card to help raise funds for the organisation.

Over 50% of the votes went to one candidate, The Blob Fish – a gelatinous looking animal, Latin name Psychrolutes marcidus.

“Its weird features are probably the least of this creature’s worries,” Greenpeace explains. “It lives at the bottom of the ocean around Australia, which means that it is vulnerable to fishing practices such as bottom trawling, whereby fishing boats trawl the sea bed for edible fish. Unfortunately this method also kills lots of fish and other creatures that are not used for food, like the poor old blob fish.”

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