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Boy gets back his wallet taken from a convenience store after writing an open letter saying how hard he had saved his money

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A nine-year-old American boy has been reunited with his wallet after he wrote a heartfelt letter hoping for its return.

The thoughtful note from the boy, who’s simply been named as ‘Charlie’, clearly struck a nerve with the person who had made off with his wallet containing $300 – around £180 – cash.

Charlie explained in his own words how the incident had taken place while he was visiting a 7-Eleven convenience store in Poquoson, Virginia.

“I was in 7-Eleven getting a Slurpee with my dad,” he wrote. “I set my wallet on the counter while I made my Slurpee. I accidentally left it there. When I came back to get it it was gone. I have saved and have worked really hard.” Charlie added: “It took a couple of years to collect. I also had three gift cards I just received for my birthday. My wallet had over $300 in it! I hope whoever has it needed it more than me.”

The note was duly posted up in the store for everyone to see and it certainly did the trick. “The wallet’s been returned,” said store manager Martin Ward. “Some lady turned it in, and Charlie got his wallet back. Everything was in there.”

Thanks to Simon Meadows and The Optimist’s website