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Brazil Seeks Ban On Monsanto Herbicide Due To Alarming Toxicity Risks

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Brazil wants to place a ban on Monsanto and get rid of genetically modified organisms. In a historic ruling March 13, Brazil’s Federal Appeal Court canceled its contract with biotechnology giant Bayer (read Setting the Record Straight On Bayer Crop Science) for the cultivation of genetically modified corn (better known as Liberty Link) in its North and Northeast regions, where risk assessment studies were not conducted.

Monsanto’s Roundup may get phased out. The move signifies a politically complex stance on GMOs from the world’s second largest producer of genetically modified organisms.

Brazil has an astounding 92 million acres of genetically modified crops. That constitutes more than 50 percent of its 67.7 million hectares designated for agricultural use, placing it behind only the United States in terms of commercial volume.

So why the flip of the switch to shut off the pipeline of pesticides, effectively terminating the cozy relationship between Brazil and Monsanto, and the rest of Big Agra?

If Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutor wins the current battle, a countrywide ban on glyphosate, the active ingredient in the world’s number one herbicide Roundup, will begin, and it will surely set the stage for increasing scrutiny over human health, the environment, and the toxic methods used in conventional agriculture.

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