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Build Your Own Pallet Adirondack Chair

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What do you get when you try to solve a neighborhood problem from an industrial design perspective?

Designer Shelton Davis did just that and came up with an amazing repurposed chair built from pallet wood that otherwise would have headed for the landfill.

When the Atlanta-based designer noticed a rash of overturned shopping carts in his neighborhood, he quickly sorted out what was going on. Folks were using these upside-down carts as bus stop seating, since so many intown bus stops don’t have benches.

Davis wanted to come up with a sustainable solution to help combat the problem, and the pallet Adirondack chair was born. His plan is to develop and market a how-to guide to accompany a kit for building the chair, then market the kit and use part of the profits to develop a program for creating similar seating for things like bus stop benches around the city.

He’s planning to print the directions for the kits, which will be available this spring, on discarded shopping bags to minimize waste even further. Instead of something that you’d discard, he’s going to package the kits using parts that go into the chair. Hurrah for zero-waste packaging!

U.S. manufacturers produce around a half a billion pallets each year, many of which are designed to be discarded after use. We’re big fans of pallet reuse around here, from building furniture to creating disaster relief housing.

Davis’ take on the pallet furniture thing really stands out because it’s such an open-source idea. Not only does this project keep pallet wood out of the landfill, but since the material is practically free it will keep the cost of the kits down significantly. He’s even including instructions that can be used over and over, if customers happen to have access to used pallets.

See the story and short film on crispgreens website here

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