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Canada Votes in First Green MP

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Elizabeth May, Canada’s Leader of the Green Party, won an historic election on May 2nd.  She is the first ever elected Member of Parliament in Canada for the Green Party.  Despite an overwhelming victory for the Conservative party in Canada’s national elections on Monday, Elizabeth May made history.

The Greens in Canada have extended beyond a pure green agenda.  Their current platform focuses on Smart Economy, Strong Communities and “True Democracy.”

Today (May 2nd) I traveled from Vancouver to Victoria on B.C. Ferries to teach the first class of my course on Climate Capitalism at UVIC.  On my way back to the ferry in Victoria, I was able to meet up briefly with Elizabeth May and some of her campaigners.  I gave her my new book, Climate Capitalism.  She responded by saying that the message in our book is exactly aligned with the Smart Economy agenda of the Green Party.

So you can guess that I am a bit giddy that Canada now has an elected official who publicly endorses the principles of Climate Capitalism, that by adopting low carbon solutions, Canada will actually grow its employment base and its economy.

“A smart economy is efficient. It relies on non-polluting systems and energy sources. It ends waste. It reuses and recycles. Through closed-loop systems it is massively more efficient. That efficiency will bring greater competitiveness and prosperity to the entire Canadian economy.”

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