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China Unveils Fuel Cell Powered Bullet Train

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China’s newest transportation venture demonstrates yet another energy source for mass-transit solutions.

Developed through a partnership of the China North Vehicle Yongji Electric Motor Corporation and the Southwest Jiaotong University, the new energy fuel cell light-rail train combines hydrogen fuel cells and an advanced permanent-magnet synchronous motor/frequency converter to achieve top speeds approaching 220 miles an hour.

According to CNN, the completion of China’s $300 billion high-speed train system will make the world’s largest, fastest, and most technologically sophisticated.

The permanent-magnet synchronous motor offers the high speed rail system immense power, high efficiency, remarkable energy conservation, low vibration and minimal noise, as well as enabling passengers to travel between Beijing and Shanghai in four hours instead of 10.

The People’s Daily Online reports:

It can achieve a level of performance that traditional motors cannot achieve and also can be developed into a special motor and highly-efficient energy-conservation motor to meet specific operational requirements. It can conserve 10 percent to 20 percent of integrated energy on average and has been successfully applied in many fields. It will also aid China’s motor industry to adjust its industrial structure toward a new developmental direction.

Just another notch in China’s belt as they pursue a position of dominance in the renewable energy industry.

Credits to Crispgreen.com