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Green Heroes

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Here are some heroes who need to be recognized for their work.  From George Monbiot at The Guardian

Green heroes working for the right kind of environmental change

These 50 green pioneers only scratch at the surface of those whose work is not yet widely known. Who else should we be celebrating?

Faced with the mind-numbing bad news about the environment over recent months, a couple of us at the Guardian decided to try to cheer ourselves up by finding examples of the right kind of environmental change. We set out to find 50 green pioneers, people who are making a practical difference but whose work is not yet widely known.

Here’s a small selection of the projects that remind us that all is not yet lost – the first 10 are people whose initiatives we find particularly inspiring. There are bound to be plenty of interesting people we have missed, so please add your own suggestions.

Next week we will publish a list of the top 10 green heroes as chosen by you. We’ll also run a poll so you can vote for your favourite green hero in the top 10.

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