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How To Create A Complete Self-Sustaining Homestead On 1-Acre of Land

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Homesteaders love life. Yes, the days are often long but they don’t have to wake up each morning to dread the day thinking about dealing with an irritable boss or cranky customer.

They also know that many of the things that other people do for recreation are the things that they do every day as part of their lifestyle. They best mobile casinos love to live close to the land and nature and value their independence.

And best of all it doesn’t take a huge plot of land to live a self-sustaining homesteader lifestyle.

There are endless ways to create your own self-sustaining homestead using 1-acre of land. Some people prefer to keep cows, goats, pigs and hens, while others prefer to keep animal livestock to a minimum, or none at all. With or without livestock, your home can provide you with most of your everyday needs.

Here’s a brief overview how you can turn one-acre of land into a self-sustaining homestead.

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