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Instead of giving google your data for free you can now donate it for agood cause

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Menendez, who lives in Barcelona, is setting up an alternative data brokerage called The GoodData. It’s a co-operative owned by its members–the people providing data–and it’s designed to do good. Instead of selling information to make a profit for itself or its members, it plans to send proceeds to Kiva, a nonprofit that facilitates peer-to-peer lending in the developing world.

“Data is a new source of wealth, the same way there was agriculture, oil, and machinery,” Menendez says. “You lose control of that data now. My thought was to create a company that helps us enjoy the ownership of that data.”

The GoodData is based around the popular open-source browser extension Disconnect. When it’s launched in the next couple of months, you’ll be able to block off companies tracking you around the web, then choose what you want to share with the broker. Menendez will then sell your data and reinvest the return

By Ben Schiller

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