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Microloan Foundation attempts world record for longest line of pennies

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A world record-breaking attempt for the longest line of pennies is to help poor women in Africa start their own businesses.

The Guinness World Record for the longest line of coins ever laid is currently held by Fort Scott in Kansas, USA who laid a staggering 3,406,234 pennies or 40.32 miles.

The Microloan Foundation needs 4,000,000 pennies so it  can break the 50 mile barrier at Chiswick Community School in West London on the 9th and 10th of July. The charity gives some of the poorest women in Africa the opportunity to work their way out of poverty for good.

Donations help the foundation give small loans and essential business training to help empower women to start their own businesses, enabling them to feed their families everyday. When they pay the charity back – and 99% do – it uses the money to help another woman. And so on.

The organisation is urging people to collect money and lay pennies on the 9th and 10th of July or volunteer to become part of its event management team. It’s also looking for 100 company sponsorships of £1,000 and schools to start collecting pennies.

“We are going to need more than 1000 volunteers in order to get to 50 miles of pennies – that’s the equivalent of driving from Chiswick to Oxford,” organisers explain. “Most importantly, every penny raised will be donated to the MicroLoan Foundation in order to help women in poor rural communities in Africa start their own businesses. Your support will transform the lives not just of individual women but entire families and communities there.”

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