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Music has a positive impact on the mental health of commuters, survey suggests

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Workers who listen to music during the morning commute are giving their mental health a boost, according to a new survey.

Figures released by the mental health charity Mind reveal that 74 per cent of employees listen to their favourite songs while commuting and 52 per cent report feeling energised for the day ahead as a result.

Music is shown to be a great pick me up for stressed commuters too with nearly a third of those surveyed admitting to turning to music to give them a lift when they are down about work and almost a quarter say they find listening to music on the way to the workplace relaxing.

Mind found that listening to music not only has an impact on the mood of the nation’s commuters as they negotiate packed buses and trains, it is also has an impact directly in the workplace. Of those who currently enjoy listening to music at work, 36 per cent say it improves the working environment, a third say it improves morale, while a quarter say it reduces stress and workplace disagreements.

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