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No money for an LED lighting retrofit? Building Hero can help

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Ben Cooper, Geoffrey Lewis and Tom Vladeck were students together at Pomona College when a lightbulb went off, literally. Entranced by making the world a better place through environmental sustainability practices, they learned as much as they could about their replacement options. After experimenting with different technologies, they settled on LEDs. The new bulbs, more like computer chips than traditional options, lasted longer and (in the trio’s opinion) were much prettier.

But if LEDs look so good, save so much money and energy, and are such an overall good investment, why aren’t more people using them, the three wondered.

Their evaluation of the market revealed many barriers, which they set about to eliminate through their New York-based startup Building Hero. The company has a simple mission: help small businesses get the most out of their lighting investment by switching to LED, allowing them to save energy and money. Small businesses were the perfect place to start, because unlike larger corporations, most don’t have teams of lighting designers, and most could use the extra cash, the three decided.

“We are really passionate about energy efficiency, and saw that there was going to be a huge transition toward LED lighting technology,” Lewis says. “We started Building Hero in 2012 to help customers find the right LEDs to upgrade their lighting.”

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