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Pay It Forward Bracelets: A small idea for a big change

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Some people feel that their ability to change to world for the better is miniscule. They feel that they lack either time or money or a platform from which to manifest this change. Charley Johnson wants to change all that.

Charley Johnson is a passionate person with his mind set to change the world, and do so for free. But he wants everyone in the world to participate in making that change. In his words “the simplest ideas have the greatest impact”.

So what is this idea? It is an idea that has been circulating for some time, a book and a Hollywood movie has also depicted it for a big audience; it is simply called “pay it forward”. While the idea has been around for some time, Charley is determined to manifest it into reality with the help of a silicone bracelet. “There is something, I don’t know what or why, but this simple white bracelet makes it easier for people to actually follow through on the idea. It is a concrete thing around your wrist that reminds you to give it away”. With over a million bracelets in circulation in over 60 different countries Charley does have some substantial evidence to back up his statement. And no translation are ever needed, the idea resonates beautifully with people across languages and cultures. “It is politically and religiously unbound, it is the one thing that we all can be a part of and share in”.

Charley has this innate feeling that this is what the world needs. It is his mission to make the world a better place by activating others to do so as well. He believes that in a world filled with so much cynicism, the smallest acts of kindness, opening a door, helping someone carry something etc., have great effects on people’s perception of their surroundings. It is this shift in the view of ones neighbors and strangers for that matter that might have a cumulating effect. “We have something like 3000 thoughts a day, what if, by wearing this bracelet we can shift our thoughts so that just 10 of them will be positive”. He wants us all to understand how this little choice of paying it forward, for no reward but the feeling of it, can be the most addictive feeling in the world. To know that this little act of kindness makes a change for good, Charley believes, gets us hooked. Charley argues that in all of us, in the very core of all humans, everyone wants to do good things. Maybe life has jaded many of us but we can change that in an instant. “People and organizations working for the good of others often seem to focus on fighting the wrong doings or the evil out there, and forget about the other aspect of their struggle, to make the good grow. All I want is to give good a platform, not to fight evil.”

To find out more about Charley and his idea of changing the world go to http://www.pifexperience.org/ and get your own bracelets today for free.

Thanks to Nicklas Karlsson and www.greatnewsnetwork.org