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Positive TV and Sunrise Festival Conscious Collective-Experiment and Telepathic games 2-5 June

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Telepathic happenings and the Golden light Conscious Collective Intent Experiment at Sunrise Festival

Calling all psychics  – Let’s see if telepathy really works.

With the most conscious festival gathering of 2011 just a few weeks away Positive TV and the Sunrise Festival team are creating a platform and opportunity to explore conscious collective planetary healing as well as some psychic fun and games, as part of a scientific experiment to prove that we are all capable of communicating telepathically.

The Main Event: Golden Light Conscious Collective Experiment:

On Sunday afternoon Dr David Ash will take to the main stage and call upon the Sunrise festival goers to join together in a massive group meditation, and with collective conscious intent will send peace to the middle east. Simultaneously groups, individuals and healers from around the world will connect with the festival to assist in this moment of planetary healing.

Tune in yourself and lets see how together we can make a difference!

Throughout the weekend: The Telepathy Experiment

Over the course of the festival ,leading up to the main event ,Dr David Ash will be conducting a series of telepathic experiments working with psychics present at the festival and well as psychics who will be participating remotely from around the world. Once a day, the public will assist by focussing their minds on a randomly selected image, whilst the telepaths in a tent, securely separated from the public arena, will attempt to draw the components of the image, allowing psychics to demonstrate extra-sensory abilities in a public experiment witnessed by hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

The results will be analysed by a statistician to produce a scientific paper proving once and for all the wonder of human’s telepathic abilities.

The telepathic experiments will take place at Positive InTents Lightworkers lounge. An area created by Positive TV where lightworkers, healers and spiritual beings come to relax meet and share.

Anyone attending the Sunrise 2011 Festival who wishes to test or demonstrate his or her psychic/telepathic ability can volunteer to participate in the experiment. Prizes will be awarded to the person who is most successful in identifying the correct selected image.

Any telepaths or psychics that wish to take part in the experiment please contact stuart@positivetv.tv

WATCH the PTV film from Sunrise 2009 here