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Rare hazel pot beetle colony found thriving in Sherwood Forest

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A thriving colony of one of England’s rarest beetles the hazel pot beetle – has been found hiding out in Sherwood Forest.

The study raises hopes that with careful management, a species that is all but extinct in the rest of England, could eventually make a comeback.

The hazel pot beetle Cryptocephalus coryli has been in decline across most of England since the 1960s and was absent from Sherwood Forest for over 70 years, until a chance sighting made in 2008 by Trevor and Dilys Pendleton, raised hopes that the Forest was offering a refuge for one of England’s largest and most endangered beetles.

Following the discovery, Natural England immediately launched a three year survey to confirm the presence and strength of the Sherwood Forest population. The work has been led by the Pendletons and supported by the Sherwood Forest Trust, and results suggest that a population exists in good numbers in the survey area and there may be further populations yet to be discovered on the Reserve.

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