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Rwanda Remembers

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Today the world remembers the victims of the Rwandan genocide, and recognises the inspirational reconciliation process that has drawn a country out of darkness and towards a bright future.

The genocide that devastated Rwanda in 1994 is one of history’s darkest moments, with around 10,000 people killed each day for over three months. This week marks 20 years since the “100 Days of Genocide,” which was ignited when then President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane was shot down in the capital Kigali on the 6th of April. Over 100 days around 800,000 people were slaughter by Hutu extremists. While the main targets were members of the minority Tutsi community, political opponents and so called “sympathetic Hutus” were also targeted.

About the Genocide

If you are unfamiliar with the history of Rwanda, the genocide itself, the limitations of the UN mandate in Rwanda during that time or the much discussed inaction of the international community, I strongly recommend you to visit the Genocide museum. If you can’t make the trip to Kigali in person, the website provides an incredible amount of information on how the genocide was able to happen, what happened and who is responsibile, as well as the the process of reconciliation all Rwandans have undertaken.

20 Years On

Rwanda continues to make a remarkable recovery from the dark days of the genocide only 20 years ago. Much of the success of this recovery can be attributed to the various process of reconciliation that have taken place throughout the country, and the impact this has had on heeling the nation and allowing all Rwandans to progress.

Many have paid tribute to the grassroots justice system of the Gacaca courts, where over two million people were tried for their role in violence during the genocide.

Others praise the leadership of current President Paul Kagame for his zero tolerance of corruption, among other policies, that have seen significant growth and development of the small East African nation.

By Phillipa Lysat

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