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Sun’s Energy Saves Thousands In Haiti And Africa

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Today we republish an interview from Crispgreen.com

The Water School is a global non-profit organization based in Canada and the US with a mission of providing simple, safe, strategic and sustainable clean water solutions to the developing world. By teaching locals how to implement and manage a SODIS (solar disinfection using BPA-free, PET water bottles) system in their villages, the Water School is saving lives and giving struggling populations both the knowledge and tools necessary to provide themselves with clean water for life!

This week, we had the privilege of asking water scientist and Water School co-founder Bob Dell a few questions about his organization. We think you’ll find the answers interesting and inspiring!

CG: Why is it important for developing nations to have access to clean water?

BD: Clean water is a fundamental staple of health and prosperity in every country of the world. In developing countries where full access to clean water does not exist, water borne diseases take a huge toll on the economy. The impact is most seriously demonstrated in the children. Most of the deaths from water borne disease are in children under the age of 5 where immune systems have not fully developed. Four billion cases of diarrhea and dysentery every year prevent children from attending school. Education suffers. Mothers spend large amounts of their meager incomes in clinic visits and medicines for their children. In most cases, they cannot afford to take them to the clinic at all. Clean water changes everything.

CG: What prompted you to found The Water School?

BD: We had initiated several clean water programs over a 5 year period within the structure of a global child sponsorship organization. We saw a dramatic improvement in the lives of the children within these projects but watched as the children outside the projects continued to suffer. It was our decision that the gift of clean water belonged to all the children of the world and we founded Water School to implement this vision.

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