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Tesla Roadster Owner Logs 40,000 Miles In One Year

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A German stockbroker’s love for his electric car has earned him distinction as one of the highest mileage Tesla owners in Europe.

Hansjorg von Gemmingen drives his electric blue car almost every day and can’t imagine going back to a gas-powered vehicle any time soon.

The massive number of miles accumulated by von Gemmingen defies the common perception that electric vehicles aren’t reliable, and can only be used close to their home charging station.

“As soon as I started driving my Tesla Roadster, the petrol in my blood turned electric,” von Gemmingen said. “When I was driving a conventional car, I did not look for outlets, so I didn’t understand how easy it would be to charge an EV. But now I see outlets everywhere, and I don’t have problems charging at home or on the road.”

Von Gemmingen discovered Tesla in 2008 when the Silicon Valley startup was featured in a German business magazine. He took a test drive during the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and in October 2009 became one of the first people in Germany to purchase a Roadster.

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