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You’re Hired! Charity benefits as students show business flair for ten pounds challenge

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Students who were challenged to use creativity and business sense to raise as much money as possible from a £10 sum, have raised hundreds more and donated much of it to charity.

The students at the University of Bangor borrowed £10 individually or in small teams and had two weeks to maximise their return in an enterprising way.

Lowri Owen, who coordinated the challenge, explained: “This competition is a valuable way of allowing students to learn about business and creativity in a practical way. The fact that many of them donated some or all of their profits to charities and local organisations was a real bonus.”

The venture, supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, was won by a team named Innovative (how very Apprentice, Lord Sugar would be proud). They raised £515 and won the top prize of £200 for their success. They had used their £10 to market and promote an online programme.

There was also an award for the team who had the most innovative money raising idea. Alex Dunk and Sam Davies, both creative studies and media undergraduates, raised £96 by ‘auctioning’ the Bangor University Rugby Team. The profits went to Cancer Research UK.

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