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Better deal for African farmers

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Officials of the US based Worldwatch Institute have been talking about the plight of African farmers throughout their tour of the sub-Saharan Africa.

Worldwatch Institute’s Sustainable Agriculture Program highlights the benefits to farmers, consumers and ecosystems that can flow from food systems that are flexible enough to deal with shifting weather patterns, productive enough to meet the needs of expanding populations, and accessible enough to support rural communities.

Speaking to Danielle Nierenberg, the Senior Researcher for Worldwatch Institute, said they arrived in The Gambia last week for a two-week mission to talk to farmers and many others on the ways poor farmers can increase their yield.

“We are not here to teach anything but rather to learn from each other and to tell real stories about Africa upon our return since we only had of bad stories about the continent. The news media in the West tends to be very negative in their coverage about Africa. Sometimes it seems that all you hear are stories about conflict, HIV/AIDS, famine, and disease. While this problems need to be covered, the real news tends to be missed — stories of hope and success providing a path for communities to lift themselves out of poverty,” she said.

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